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Glenn's Corner

Glenn M. Dobieski

PGA Head Golf Professional
Grassy Hill Country Club

PH 203-795-1422

FAX 203-799-6697

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I'm now in my 5th season at Grassy Hill Country Club and very excited about this season. You've heard me say this a number of times but I don't think it can be overstated. I honestly have never met a membership of people who are so welcoming to new members. I think we are all ready for some golf after this snowy winter.


Golf Club Clearance Sale

Due to Dicks, Golf Galaxy and Internet selling Golf Clubs less than I purchase them for and offering cash back on purchases, I am now offering an even better deal. I have reduced the price on Drivers, Fairway Woods, Iron Sets, Etc. to match or beat their prices for the month of July on the ticket. BUT you can now take 20% off the ticketed price through JULY on all Clubs “IN STOCK”. For example - Titleist Driver is now on sale for $240 - Originally was $400 - then reduced to $300 to match Dicks and NOW 20% OFF!!!! $240 - the FINAL PRICE+tx!!!!! If you wish I will charge you the $300 plus tax and give you $60 credit you can use on other merchandise. Same deal for shoes, clubs, bags you purchase at our lowest prices ever offered - take the discount or apply towards something else.

If you have golf shop credits you may use them for these incredible sales. I will carry fewer clubs in stock after this year and will carry only the newest clubs released by the manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers just happen to release the new clubs right after all the pro's receive their inventory in April and blow out their leftover inventory to Dicks creating a price war. Good for you, bad for the pro but I must now play their game based on this history over the past few years especially.

I will special order any clubs for our members as usual but all special orders will be sold at full retail and not 20% off retail (Full retail that I am citing is what Dicks or Golf Galaxy pricing is - including any deals or extras they advertise) If I cannot match their price for a special order and if the item will cost me more than I can sell it for, I will let you know. Please use your golf shop credit soon rather than waiting until the end of the season so your selection is unlimited if you are in the market for golf clubs, a golf bag or shoes. I will still carry all the basics, clothes, hats, balls, clubs, bags, shoes, etc. but come in now for the sale of the Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This incredible sale is for all Golf Clubs, Golf Bags, Golf Shoes,
All Shirts and Shorts are also NOW on sale for 20% OFF - For our members only - rain wear by FJ



Glenn would like to note the following for the coming year. Be ready to play 15 minutes before you tee off time. Players not ready will risk being bumped to the next available tee time. Delays of even two minutes makes everyone's round longer. Do your part - BE ON TIME .


If you make a tee time and are unable to meet that time, Call the Pro Shop and Cancel the time !! Failure to do so may cause you and the other three players to get the last available time the next time you request a time. Preferred Tee Times are for members of the association! Do NOT abuse this privilege.


CTP Sat 7/12 1st  - $72ea

#3 - Harold Feder 2'

#6 - Bob Masick - 11"

#10 - Gary Penebre Jr 4'

#13 - Joe DePonte 2'  3"

#17 - B Kirkpatrick - 1'5"

Lucky - John Bannon


CTP Sat 7/12 2nd - $58

#3 - Peter Dolson - 4'11"

#6 - Kevin Ward - 4'5"

#10 - Vic Pianello 6'2"

#13 - Jim Uberti 4'7"

#17 - Jay Joseph 3'2"


CTP Sun 7/13 - 1st  - $84

#3 - Mel Barr - 10'11"

#6 - John Bannon 8'3"

#10 - Kevin Ward 4'8"

#13 - Wes Allen 2'1"

#17 - Ron Battaglia 2'10"

Lucky - Vic Pianello


CTP Sun 7/13 2nd $66

#3 - B Bannon 11'1/2"

#6 - W Montanaro 9'9"

#10 - Dan Doheny 22'4"

#13 - M Wajnowski 8'5"

#17 - James Prescott 3'3"


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