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To: All GHMA Members


The Board and I felt it appropriate to send an initial message to the membership regarding recent events that have taken place within the past week at GHCC and what we as the board are currently doing.


Glenn Dobieski

If you have not already heard,  this past week Glenn was relieved of his duties as Club Pro at Grassy Hill. The Board and I are currently working with Glenn regarding those members who have remaining credit. He has ensured us that he will be honoring this credit. We will be providing within the next couple of days a follow up email to membership which will outline who has credit with Glenn along with a catalog of his inventory. Glenn has stated he will do everything possible to get an order to an individual. Again, we will provide additional information within the next couple of days as we iron out with Glenn final details.


Ray Burns-New Club Pro


GHCC has hired Ray Burns as a replacement for Glenn. I've have met and spoken with him briefly and what I can tell you at this point is he comes from Woodbridge Golf Course and has also worked previously at Oxford Green. I will provide a more detail profile of Ray in the coming days as the Board and I meet with Ray to assist him get acclimated to the Association and GHCC so if you are planning to play or stop by the club over the next few weeks, please make an effort to introduce yourself.


GHCC (Ryder Cup, Banquet)


Please be assured that we the Board are working with both GHCC and Ray to make this as smooth a transition as possible thus minimize the impact to the association. With that said, we want everyone to know the following:


•  The Ryder Cup IS STILL A GO!!!!!! I'm currently assisting Ray with finalizing details regarding the team and contacting Orange Hills. The Tournament is still scheduled for Sunday October 19, 2014 10:00am at Grassy Hill. The 2014 Grassy Hill team is finalize and I will be sending out to the team and membership an email outlining the roster and final Ryder Cup details. GHCC as the host course will be covering the Greens Fees/Carts along with food for both Grassy Hill and Orange Hill Ryder Cup team members. GHCC will also be proving a complimentary keg!!!!!! I plan on connecting with Kim to see if she come up some type of offer/pricing for food for those individuals/non-team members who be sticking around  during and/or after the match.

•  We the Board are working to finalize details regarding the Banquet as we are ironing out final details (e.g. Cost, Prizes, etc….) which we are looking to provide the best benefit/minimum impact to the association based on recent events. In the meantime, Ray and the Pro Shop has agreed to continue accepting check for those who are signing up to attend the Banquet. Please make sure you sign up ASAP- Again please remember that a $50 check must accompany you signing up to officially be considered an attendee.

Lastly, I know a lot has gone on during this past year and I would like to take this time to ask each of you to provide (if you like) to either myself, Dave, Dan or Roger your thoughts and/or concerns. We the board are looking to sit and work with GHCC and it will go a long way to know how are membership feels so we can convey the best unified message to them.


Thank you.




Howard Boyd


Howard Boyd, MBA, MPM®, CIPM®




Jack Frost Scramble is planned for Nov 30th, click here to see the flyer.




The election of officers for the upcoming year will be held at the annual banquet on Nov. 6, 2014.

The nominating committee has the obligation to recruit members who are interested in running for elective office. In order to achieve this objective, the committee has established two(2) methods which members can use in order to put their names up for consideration:


A member can send an e-mail stating his name and the position he is interested in attaining to either; ; or


A member can submit his name and position desired inside a sealed envelope addressed to the nominating committee and dropped off at the pro shop.


Anyone who is interested in running for office should consult the by-laws in order to understand what the commitment entails. The association by-laws are available on the GHMA website.


The following positions are up for election this year

Vice President and Treasurer.

The cut-off date for all submissions is Monday Nov. 3, 2014.


The Nominating Committee

Bob Sinkovich(Chmn.)--Joe Seperack --- Mike Russo


Glenn's Garage sale,

As previously reported, Glenn will be honoring all association credit. He has indicated that due to recent events, he will honor this credit up to 12/31/2014 which afterwards, you will lose. Im providing a link to Glenns inventory and his contact information so you may call and/or email him  directly to arrange ordering and delivery of any items you choose. Lastly, If you dont get a chance to view the catalog prior to the banquet, you will be able to view Glenns inventory at the November 6 th Banquet.


Click here to view the invenetory



I know there has been a lot of buzz/speculation around the November 6th banquet. I’m here to tell you that this year’s banquet will be the same as previous years (i.e. held at the same place, same time, Same format, etc….). It’s business as usual. With that said, please sign-up to reserve your spot as soon as possible. I did here that a few of you attempted to leave your check with the Pro Shop last week and it was rejected. I’m sorry for the miscommunications but the Pro Shop is indeed accepting the checks and registering you for the banquet.

If you have any questions, concerns please feel free to reach out to either myself, Dave Steinlauf, Dan Brennan or Roger Dusenbery.

Howard Boyd

To all GHMA members and patrons; please come join us at Grassy Hill this Sunday October 19, 2014 to cheer on the 2014 Grassy Hill Country Club Ryder Cup team versus Orange Hills Country Club.


The GHCC comprised of; Kevin Ward, Mike Wajnowski, Dennis Maher, Mike Russo, Marty Greatorex, Vin Pescosolido, Len Szturma, Bernie Bruder, Bob Tobin, Matt Wyman, Joe Seperack and Mike O'Hare will look to avenge last year's defeat at Orange Hills and bring the cup back to Grassy Hill; so please come and root them onto victory!!!!!!!!


The first match is scheduled to tee-off at 10:00 am .


During and after the Ryder Cup event, GHCC will be providing to all a complimentary keg of beer along with (for a nominal cost of $10 for non-Ryder Cup team members) a buffet which will consist of items such as; A chef's selection of Hors D'oeurves; Prime Rib with mini rolls; Cheese Board; Pizza; French Fries, etc…….


Please direct any questions regarding the event you may have to Howard Boyd


A new video of the 2014 Championships and be watched now, click on the above tag for play videos.


GHMA Banquet Sign-up sheet is now available in GHCC Pro shop. Date for the Banquet is November 6 th ,2014 .


Sign up deadline is October 31 st , 2014 . YOU MUST LEAVE CHECK FOR $50 TO HOLD YOUR NAME ON THE LIST, (to be returned upon check-in @ Banquet). Sorry, but without a check we can't hold your reservation to the banquet.


Please, no phone calls to the pro shop to add your name to the list as they will not be accepted.


Of course, if there is any questions or concerns members can contact any of the GHMA Officers.


Thank you.


Dave Steinlauf


Click here to see the GHMA February news letter.

Click here to see and print down the Membership Application form for 2014.

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